About Us

NUYU was a dream of ours long before the hard work began.

Team NUYU is comprised of two experienced independent nurse prescribers who had a vision to create a clinic and service that encapsulated a safe, but friendly and luxurious skin health centre.

Team NUYU provide quality and bespoke treatment packages, understanding that every person who enters our clinic is unique, has their own concerns and all require a tailored approach to achieve their desired outcome.

As nurses, we pride ourselves and aim to offer you safe, effective clinical practice with whatever journey you take with us.

We know our clients want to look and feel good, and to achieve this, we offer a comprehensive menu of treatments. We offer a range of injectables and a range of skin health treatments alongside medical grade skincare to target those concerns. We can effectively treat skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation and slow down and reduce the visible signs of skin ageing.